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Contemporary Papermaking – Adult Scholars Program – Fall 2019

650.00 IVA included

Instructor: Roberto Mannino

Meets Mondays 3.40 – 8.40 PM

Fall Semester 2019 runs Sept. 9 – Dec. 20


Contemporary Papermaking

In this studio art course, approaches to making and understanding images in various media will be addressed. In Rome, this course introduces students to the tradition of Western hand papermaking in conjunction with aspects of contemporary printmaking.  The focus of the class is to enable students to experience the tradition of the hand-papermaking craft and explore innovative methods that continue to make this medium a versatile and expressive art form.  We will survey the historical evolution of papermaking, including the basic chemistry of the process, so that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the tradition.  Additionally, we will examine a number of innovative methods and interventions to modify the shape, color, translucency, and texture of the sheets.  Through a series of step by step projects students will have the opportunity to implement their knowledge and execute their own unique handmade papers for a range of artistic applications.  Special attention will be devoted to the integration of hand-pulled sheets with collagraph printmaking, as well as the potential for including digital technologies to supplement the traditional process through laser-cut watermarks.

About the Instructor

Roberto Mannino is a widely exhibited sculptor whose large-scale works and installations are in handcast paper and mixed media. Among his prominent works is a permanent installation created for the Instituto Nazionale della Grafica in Rome. Entitled “STREAMS,” the exhibit’s sculptures respond to the water of the adjacent Trevi Fountain (see video below). A dual citizen of Italy and the U.S., he earned his BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and his Sculpture Diploma from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. He has taught drawing, sculpture, figure modeling, and printmaking studio at the Rome campuses of Temple, Cornell and Loyola since 1993. His research focuses on contemporary papermaking, sculpture and book arts.