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Fundamentals of European Business – Undergraduate Course Audit – Spring 2019

500.00 IVA included

Instructor: Francesca Romana Lenzi, Ph.D.

Meets Thursdays 3.40 – 6.40 PM

Course Fee: 0€ (included in above price)

Spring Semester 2019 runs Jan. 14 – Apr. 25


Fundamentals of European Business

This course offers an overview of the European business environment, highlighting its specific challenges and business opportunities. This course analyzes the dual process of European integration and enlargement of the European Union, and the tensions between the two. While mostly focusing on the European Union country members, this course will also examine non-EU countries in Europe. You will understand when and how multinational firms must adapt their business policies and organizations to the specific needs of national environments in Europe. In-depth cases and recent articles from the business press serve as the basis for many class discussions.

In Rome, this course focuses on the changing business climate in Europe brought about by economic reforms leading to a European unified market commonly known as the European Union. The challenges facing European and other firms in developing business programs and organizations adapted to the specific needs of the European Union are discussed.

About the Instructor

Francesca Romana Lenzi is an associate professor of Sociology and Transition studies at the European University of Rome and of Business and International Trade at Temple University in Rome.

Prof. Lenzi holds a Ph.D. in European History (Sapienza Università di Roma), as well as degrees in International Relations – Transition Studies (LUISS) and Psychology and Social Processes (Sapienza). She has previously taught courses at LUISS and Sapienza Università di Roma.

In 2006 Prof. Lenzi worked as a research fellow for UN-ECLAC – United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean in Santiago, Chile. More recently Dr. Lenzi served as project assistant to the OECD Leed Program in Trento, Italy.

Today, Prof. Lenzi’s main fields of research include: dynamic psychology, sociology of postmodernism, nutrition transition, business, collective behavior and collective trauma, and transition studies.