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Sustainable Environments – Undergraduate Course Audit – Summer 2019

500.00 IVA included

Instructor: Hamil Pearsall, Ph.D.

Meets Mon / Wed, Time TBA

Course Fee: 0€ (included in above price)

Summer Semester 2019 runs May 20 – Jun 28


Sustainable Environments

Americans account for over a quarter of all fossil fuel consumption, own more cars than there are licensed drivers, and build new homes 40 percent larger than they did in 1975, despite shrinking household size. We feel for the pandas and polar bears, while contributing mightily to global climate change, resource inequity, and ecosystem destruction. How do we reckon with environmental crises at multiple scales, from the neighborhood to the atmosphere and oceans? “Think globally, act locally” environmentalists admonish us! Direct our vast human ingenuity and collective spirit toward technologies and behaviors that bring peace with the planet. Course mission: enhance your capability to make informed choices, based on a sound understanding of the ecological, technological, economic, political, and ethical dimensions of environmental sustainability.

Why does Rome have some of the worst air pollution problems in Europe? What are city officials doing about it? How has the Slow Food movement, born in Italy, influenced alternative food movements around the world? In Sustainable Environments the course uses fundamental concepts in environmental studies to make sense of critical sustainability issues in Rome and beyond.

This course provides a unique perspective on environmental issues by making drawing comparisons between US and European contexts – an opportunity afforded by taking this class on the Rome campus. Additionally, this course uses Rome as an outdoor classroom, which takes students on several local field trips to enhance our understanding of global and local environmental issues.