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Conference Room

The Conference Room is Temple University Rome’s flagship instructional space

Newly renovated for our 50th anniversary, it boasts 3 teacher workstations, 125 student desks, and acoustic paneling on the walls and ceilings. The layout is perfect to host your next lecture, presentation, conference, orientation or corporate training event. Sliding partitions grant you the flexibility to divide the space into 3 smaller classrooms on the fly. Smaller groups may book only 1 or 2 of these subdivisions rather than the entire space.

Included in your rental is the use of our Main Lobby, perfect to greet your guests or even host a welcoming aperitivo.

Please contact us for additional information regarding availability and catering options.

Conference Room prices:
Full Conference Room (Max 125 people)
Hourly Rate: 100€ (IVA Included)
Half Day (up to 4 Hours): 300€ (IVA Included)
Full Day (up to 8 Hours): 500€ (IVA Included)

Double Partition (Max 85 people)
Hourly Rate: 70€ (IVA Included)
Half Day (up to 4 Hours): 200€ (IVA Included)
Full Day (up to 8 Hours): 350€ (IVA Included)

Single Partition (Max 45 people)
Hourly Rate: 40€ (IVA Included)
Half Day (up to 4 Hours): 120€ (IVA Included)
Full Day (up to 8 Hours): 200€ (IVA Included)

3 iMacs
3 ceiling-mounted digital projector
12 wall-mounted speakers

Additional A/V equipment, including microphones, etc., is available upon request

Tech Details:
Operating System: MacOS Sierra
Pre-installed Software: Full Microsoft Office Suite
LAN connection: download speeds up to 94 Mbps
WiFi connection: download speeds up to 19 Mbps

Printer costs:
B&W prints are €0,10/page
Color prints are €0,50/page
Prepaid cards are available for €5,00, €10,00 and €25,00

The Conference Room is fully wheelchair accessible

Only a 5 minute walk from the Flaminio transit hub, Temple University Rome is easily accessible by bus, tram, train, or metro from every corner of the eternal city.

Contact Us

Our office is open Monday-Friday
from 9AM-5PM

Tel: (+39) 06 320 2808 Ext. 214
Cell: (+39) 334 750 4672
E-mail: info@tursrl.it

Temple University Rome S.r.l.
Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia 15
00196 Roma

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